Sunday, August 24, 2008

Demotivational Favorites

Saw this comic in the newspaper today, and it reminded me of something that my friend T would say.

It's also a very appropriate introduction to some of my favorite posters from Despair, Inc.

  • Motivation - I wonder if they have motivational posters in India?

  • Government - Or, as I like to say, "Government is the least effective way to do just about anything."

  • Beauty - Because everyone knows at least one person like this.

  • Pressure - Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

  • Teamwork - My all-time favorite, and so completely relevant to being on ski patrol.

  • Destiny - For Hubs, because I know he's reading this!

P.S. Their t-shirts are also brilliant.

1 comment:

Hubs said...

For those of you who know my wife, she appears all sweet and cuddly and innocent on the outside.
But deep down, she knows she deserves every bit of me.