Friday, January 13, 2012

And now back to the good stuff...

So in my previous post, I probably under-emphasized the fact that, after a long run of bad luck, my life has gotten much, much better in the past year and a half.

Here are the highlights:

  • In June 2010, we adopted a beautiful baby girl, who brings sunshine into our lives every single day.

  • Last May, just as we were starting the process to adopt again, I was surprised to discover that I was pregnant. We had a few scary moments along the way, but our son was born in November, healthy and perfect. He was very small (3 lbs) at birth, but he has been making good progress at catching up to the size he ought to be!

  • (That's a standard-hospital-issue pacifier in his mouth, by the way. I realize it looks a little strange because he's so tiny!)

  • I still love my job-- I get to work from home, I have a flexible schedule, and I really enjoy what I do.

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