Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Morning News

I'm in Miami again this week, and I was down here last week as well. One thing I'm starting to hate about staying in a hotel is that I have to face the day's news as soon as I walk out of my room in the morning. USA Today's front page article is about a school shooting in Minnesota, and it gave me a flashback to another newspaper story from a trip I made to Miami over a year ago-- I walked out of my room in the morning, picked up the paper, and headed for the elevator. As I was riding the elevator down to the lobby, I glanced at the paper and immediately became almost physically ill. It was the story of the first American hostage who was beheaded in Iraq.

Now I'm not saying that the news shouldn't be reported, or that I shouldn't read the news and deal with the stories that are presented. All I'm saying is that I'm not especially well-equipped to deal with these sorts of tragedies so early in the morning. I'd just like to have a cup of coffee before I'm forced to contemplate why there's so much hatred and violence and despair and sorrow in the world.

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