Saturday, September 27, 2008

Facts of the Debate

So I watched the Presidential Debate last night. (Mostly for lack of anything better to do.)

Debates are known for being full of facts. Unfortunately, facts aren't the same as truths. Here are some basic truths:

  • All politicians have voted to raise taxes at some point or another.
  • (Because...)
  • All politicians are in the habit of spending more than the amount of revenue coming in.
  • (Because...)
  • The only way to get funding approved for their pet projects is to approve funding for everyone else's pet projects.

  • Everyone supports the troops and wants to bring them home as soon as possible. (Definitions of ASAP vary wildly.)

  • No one is especially happy with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Iran, or North Korea.

McCain claimed that he would try to eliminate wasteful spending by the government. I'm all in favor of that. Obama claimed that he would continue Bush's tax cuts for households making less than $250,000 per year. I'm all in favor of that too.

Like Obama, I think we should make changes so that more people have access to affordable health insurance, but I strongly agree with McCain that the government (aka the least effective way to do almost anything) should not be in charge of our healthcare system.

Overall, the debate included a lot of senseless bickering, accusations, and half-truths being thrown around at random, which doesn't help resolve anything. In a nutshell, the debate was exactly what I was expecting it to be.


I was kind of hoping for something different.

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Elizabeth Crum (E!!) said...

"I was kinda hoping for something different."

silly, Silly man!


Found you (a Feb. post of yours) while Googling on "consumption production and economics"

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